The Yellow River drains the area west of the Pea River. It originates in southern Crenshaw County, and flows southward through Coffee and Covington Counties. The Yellow River exits Alabama in southern Covington County near Florala, joins the Blackwater River and eventually reaches Blackwater Bay near Pensacola, Florida.

The Yellow River and its tributaries contains approximately 328,000 acres and has a total drainage area of 507 square miles. It is 114 miles in length and is one of the most pristine water bodies in the State of Alabama. Over 56% of the watershed is forested with about 20% devoted to pasture and cropland.


The Yellow river is 118 miles long and runs through Alabama and Florida
Forests cover 56% of the watershed with 20% in pasture and cropland
The Yellow river is a popular spot for kayaking and canoeing