Species diversity is typically closely associated with productivity and healthy ecosystems.  Alabama is blessed with some of the greatest aquatic diversity found anywhere in the world, and the coastal plain rivers of southeast Alabama are part of this treasure.  The Choctawhatchee-Pea River supports about 80 species of freshwater fish, while the Yellow River has been documented to contain nearly 50 different species. 

Table 1 indicates the different fish species and numbers collected during an electrofishing survey conducted in 2012 by the Fisheries Section of the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries.  Table 2 contains several fish species that are commonly found in these river systems but were not collected in this survey.  A comprehensive list of fish species collected from all Alabama rivers can be found in the book: Fishes of Alabama and the Mobile Basin” by Maurice F. Mettee, Patrick E. O’Neil, and J. Malcolm Pierson.

Articles related to the aquatic diversity of the Choctawhatchee-Pea-Yellow Rivers can also be found at www.outdooralabama.com by searching “Choctawhatchee River”.

Fish Species Often Found in the Choctawhatchee, Pea, or Yellow Rivers

Scientific NameCommon Name
Ichthyomyzon gageiSouthern lamprey
Alosa alabamaeAlabama shad
Dorosoma cepedianumGizzard shad
Dorosoma petenenseThreadfin shad
Ctenopharyngodon idellaGrass carp
Cyprinella venustaBlacktail shiner
Hypentelium etowanum Alabama hog sucker
Ameiurus natalisYellow bullhead
Aphredoderus sayanusPirate perch
Trinectes maculatusHogchoker

Species and No. of Fish Sampled at Clayhatchee Landing and Spann’s Landing, Spring 2012

Scientific NameCommon NameClayhatchee LandingSpann's Landing
Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoiGulf sturgeon2
Alosa chrysochlorisSkipjack herring11
Ameiurus serracanthusSpotted bullhead2
Ameiurus nebulosusBrown bullhead8
Ambloplites ariommusShadow bass13
Amia calvaBowfin32
Ammocrypta bifasciaFlorida sand darter11
Anguilla rostrataAmerican eel25
Carpiodes cyprinusQuillback1913
Carpiodes veliferHighfin carpsucker2434
Cyprinella venustaBlacktail shiner399
Ctenopharyngodon idellaGrass carp3
Dorosoma cepedianumGizzard shad5
Dorosoma petenenseThreadfin shad1
Esox americanusRedfin pickerel1
Esox nigerChain pickerel1
Ictalurus punctatusChannel catfish525
Lepisosteus osseusLongnose gar129
Lepisosteus oculatusSpotted gar14
Lepomis auritusRedbreast sunfish1514
Lepomis cyanellusGreen sunfish2
Lepomis gulosusWarmouth sunfish1
Lepomis macrochirusBluegill sunfish339
Lepomis megalotisLongear sunfish3020
Lepomis microlophusRedear sunfish256
Lepomis miniatusRedspotted sunfish11
Micropterus punctulatusSpotted bass711
Micropterus salmoidesLargemouth bass75
Minytrema melanopsSpotted sucker245
Morone saxatilisStriped bass1
Moxostoma poecilurumBlacktail Redhorse5165
Mugil cephalusStriped mullet713
Notorus leptacanthusSpeckled madtom01
Percina austropercaSouthern logperch11
Percina negrofasciataBlackbanded darter1
Pomoxis nigromaculatusBlack crappie4
Pylodictis olivarisFlathead catfish1
Strongylura marinaAtlantic needlefish12